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Object of the game:

The object of the game is for a player or team to line up five chips in a row on the board to form a “run”. The first team to create two runs wins!

Zepherin Games – Dice Poker

Zepherin House Rules:

The game can be played 1 vs 1 or in teams of as many players. If played in teams, players should alternate how they are seated around the table. Team A, Team B, Team A, Team B…  Before starting the game, each roll a dice, the player with the highest roll plays first. 

The first player begins their turn by rolling all five dice. The combination of the dice facing up is to be read like cards in a poker hand. Potential hands include: five of a kind “Yahtzee”, Lucky 7, Lucky 11, Full House, Straight, Four of a Kind, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and One Pair

A player may roll any amount of dice up to three times to create the best possible combination or “hand” they may needing to create their line. On your second and third roll, you may roll one to five of the dice, including re-rolling any dice you had set aside on your 1st or 2nd roll. After rolling, the player may place a chip on the corresponding space on the board if it is still open. Then the player to the left starts their turn. If the space on the board is already claimed, the roll is forfeited. NOTE: Asides from the pairs, there are two spaces for every poker combination placed opposite to each other. 

When a player or team claims five spaces in a row on the board, this creates a run. Chips that are part of a run are protected for the remainder of the game and cannot be removed from the board. A new run can share 1 chip with another run, either across diagonally or at the end of the run. 

Special Rules: 

The centre square on the board, marked with the Zepherin Games logo is a free square and can be used by either team, it however cannot be claimed by a run. and can be used by both teams simultaneously. 

Five of a Kind “Yahtzee” – Anytime a player rolls a five of a kind that player may place their chip on ANY open space or they may remove any of their opponents chips that are not part of a protected run of 5. 

Lucky 7 / 11 – Anytime a player rolls a combination where all five dice add up to 7 or 11 the player has the option to claim the Lucky 7 / 11 or they make take the poker hand if they would like.

Bouncer – After all the “Straight” or “Full House” spaces have been claimed, a bouncer allows the team to remove any one opponents chip from the board that are not a part of a completed run of 5. 

The best hand must be played –  If a player rolls a full house, they must take the full house.  They cannot take two pairs while ignoring one of the dice. Exception to this rule is the Lucky 7 & Lucky 11. 

Click to download a printable PDF